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There are tests for two modules:

  • Server and monitor: test/
  • Validation: services/validation/test

Run all tests with

npx lerna run test --stream

Chain tests

Additionally, tests for supported chains are defined under test/chains/chain-tests.js. These test don't run with the above command npx lerna run test --stream as only tests directly under test/ folder are run and not recursively.

These test run verifications for already existing contracts on each chain. On test chains, the contract with immuatables under test/chain/sources/shared are deployed and used for tests. For other chains test sources are stored under test/chains/sources/{chainId}. When found, contracts with immutables are used for testing.

It is possible to run the tests for all chains with npm run test:chains. This test will be run weekly with the test-chains-regularly CircleCI workflow to keep track of the supported chains. Also, when adding new chains, it is possible to run tests for a single chain. See Chain Support.


test/sources contains contracts, compilation artifacts and metadata files which can be used for building test cases.

  • contracts/: Solidity files (browser tests)
  • metadata/: raw metadata files (browser tests)
  • pass/: compilation artifacts which should verify (unit tests)
  • fail/: compilation artifacts which should not verify (unit tests)
  • compiler.json: compiler config for generating more cases

Test sources are compiled with 0x's sol-compiler. This lets you pick any compiler version or settings by modifying the compiler.json file as needed.

To generate more test data, go to the test/sources directory, add Solidity files to the contracts folder and run:

npx sol-compiler

Compilation artifacts will be written to an artifacts folder.