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Supported Chains

You can find the Sourcify chains, i.e. EVM chains that are supported by Sourcify, and the level of support below.

Also on the right column are contract verification test results for each chain. Weekly, tests for verification of a standard simple contract and a contract with immutable variables is run for each chain. Since the immutable verification involves scraping the contract creation transaction, these tend to fail more, mostly because of a CAPTCHA requirement.

Ethereum Testnet Sepolia test will fail because currently there are no external JSON-RPC services (e.g. Infura) that can be used when testing in CI environments. Standard verification should work on Sourcify servers as a local geth node is used.

Sourcify uses its own full nodes for Ethereum Mainnet and Testnets (except Kovan). We also use Alchemy logo for several other networks and as a fallback for Ethereum networks.

as a fallback and several other networks and want to thank them for generously providing us free credits!

* Support for verifying contracts through the Sourcify UI or API.

** Automatic contract verification when contracts created in new blocks are published on IPFS (Monitoring Service).

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