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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to have another EVM chain supported by Sourcify

Please follow the instructions on the chain support page.

What are "full match" and "partial match"es?

  • Full Match: A full match is when both the bytecode and the metadata hash of the contract at a given address match the provided source files and the metadata file. This means the given source files are exactly the same as the ones that are compiled and deployed.

  • Partial Match: A partial match indicates that the deployed and the recompiled bytecodes match excluding the metadata hashes. This means the functionality of the given source files is the same with the contract deployed (similar to Etherscan) but the provided source files can contain differences in variable names, comments, spaces etc.

Learn more about the technical details of a match here

Contracts can only be verified once, unless they became a full match when they were a partial match.

I verified my contract on Sourcify but I can't see it on Etherscan. Why?

Etherscan and Sourcify are two different platforms and serve different purposes. Etherscan is a block explorer with its own smart contract verification service. Sourcify is not a block explorer but rather a public infrastructure: a smart contract verification tool and an open repository of verified contracts.

Blockscout and Otterscan are for instance two block explorers that make use of Sourcify's verification.

Does Sourcify support proxy contracts?

Sourcify does not have a different verification scheme for proxy contracts. We are not a block explorer and can't infer if a contract is a proxy or is being proxied. As usual, you can separately verify the parent and child contracts.

Do you support other languages such as Vyper, Fe etc. ?

Sourcify is currently Solidity only.

I want to download the complete Sourcify repository, is it possible?

Yes! You can download the repository via IPFS with:

ipfs get "/ipns/" -o <output-directory>

But IPFS is not always working perfectly. If you can't get it working contact us and we will find a solution for you.