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How to Verify

  1. Drag and drop the folder containing your source files and metadata, or add them seperately.
  2. Input the contract address you want to verify. If a contract at that address is verified in any of the chains it will be shown above.
  3. Select the chain the contract is deployed to.
  4. Click "Verify".

How to verify screen recording


If you were using Truffle to compile contracts, you can use the output file at build/contracts/<contract-name>.json for the metadata file. Then add the source files as usual.

With Hardhat output


Only after Hardhat version v2.6.8 the metadata files were output by default. If you are using an earlier version, you need to add the metadata to compilation outputs manually as described here

  1. Drag and drop the .json file at
  2. Select the main contract deployed at the address you want to verify.
  3. Input the address and chain and click "Verify".