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Sourcify Docs

Sourcify is a Solidity source code and metadata verification tool and repository and acts as a base layer allowing other tools to build on top of it. We aim to keep as much smart contract metadata and verified source code open and available via IPFS, and facilitate an improved smart contract UX with verified sources and decoded transactions.

Two types of contract matches (verifications) are defined: full (perfect) match for a byte-by-byte match of the original contract source code to the bytecode, and a partial match for a functionally equivalent contract source code to the bytecode. Learn more about how Sourcify matches contracts here.

Sourcify has 4 main components:

In addition there are the Remix Plugin, and the metadata playground.


Make sure you check the F.A.Q. and use the search bar in the docs. You can also reach out to us on Gitter or Matrix chat.

Our main Github repo is ethereum/sourcify and the other components of Sourcify can be found under @sourcifyeth.

Please note once a contract is verified, is not possible to delete it from the repository.